08-Open model expo preparation weekend

This weekend we at MiniPainting.se had a bit of a crazy weekend preparing our contributions to the 08-Open model expo held by the Swedish IPMS. This is the first time that we ever visit this show and we are not really sure about what to expect.  So with that in mind we decided to limit our contributions to just one or two enterys. But first, let’s wrap this weekend together!

Friday night started in Uppsala with some food (Lars did a pizza with tuna that kick ass!) and chat about everything from miniatures to the universe, and of course some movies to!

Uppsala by nightPizza slice!

Energy level was restored and it was time to hit the paints!

PaletteLars is working on the base for his entry, Puss in boots!Hard at workThing’s didn’t went the way I wanted this night so I started a new miniature…the Chaplin from the DV box.Chaplin from the DV box  No break for us, we were supervised!Cat overlordWhen the cat is gone…break! wich lead to no more painting that night…;)Cool beer time!

Next day was painting over at my place and we sort of “finished” our miniatures…. I did some touch up on the Breek bust and some details on my Aenur. And of course, Lars finished Puss in boots! The miniature is so cool, I must get myself one of these! Brekk the Lion Aenur Puss in boots

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!
Lars & Denniz

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