Brekk the lion, first piece of 2014 is done (for now)

My first piece of 2014 is done (or for now). I guess I can still do some work on this bust, but to be honest to myself I still think it look’s good. At first I had planed some freehand stuff on this one, but right now I like the clean look of it.This was also the first time I tried out oil colors on a miniature, the shadow on his face is done using oil colors. Oil…man, that’s hard!

Let’s just hope that the rest of 2014 will bring a whole lot of painted miniatures since I have a pretty big backlog of minis waiting to be done or to get there first stroke of paint. Anyway here is the pic!

Brekk the lion

Brekk the lion - front - by Synthet

More images can be found here

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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