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Base for Arinthuil

  Actually when the competition for the hobby hangout was announced I decided that finally this elf was going to be painted. But no clue on what I should do.  One thing was that I should tell a story with him and make a bit bigger base since i mostly haven’t done that before and […]

Arinthuil step by step part 3

Next step I started to work on the metallic and the brown leather parts, i decided to use true metallic on this figure.  I used Scale 75 Heavy metal and black metal as a base for  the metals. I also worked more on the bandages around the leg to give it more of a worn […]

Arinthuil step by step part 2

This part of the step by step will be focusing more on the skin areas and the beginning of the cloth around the legs. The base will be covered in a separate step by step. After starting with the skin I realized that in some lights that is not my painting light it looked dull […]

Update on ongoing and finished projects

Lately have been a mix of different projects ongoing. I have finished both the Guildball team to a good gaming standard and also Llilith is ready for some competitions in the future. By the way competitions are just the excuse to go somewhere and meet up with great people 🙂 I am also continued to work […]

Revisiting the vision for Arinthui

I have now started to paint Arithuil and I am revisiting the note of the vision. I will go into detail on some of the decisions and add references to pages where I have found information/inspiration. In regards to create the frontal light I have used James Gurneys book color and light as a reference and […]