Commander Dargu

This weekend I attended a painting workshop with Robert “Rogland” Carlsson in Uppsala, read about it here! The miniature that we all painted was the Commander Dargu from Studio McVey, since I didn´t finish that mini during the day I keept on painting once I came home. This is how he looked while I came home…Denniz WIP3

On this mini I was trying to paint using the NMM- techique,  wich was pretty much new for me. Considering that, I think he look´s rather good. I also tried to paint in a different style as i use to paint and use brighter colors and no battle damge or dirt (only some scrathes on the coat). I see this mini as an experiment and with that in mind I´m satisfied.

And this is how he look´s while finished.Front5 Front6Side1BackSide2

The miniature was very tiny (I, mean, try to paint those eye´s!) and the casting was great, not any large mould lines, just a few minor. I have painted a few McVey miniatures before and i always get´s amazed about the quality of the sculpt, and at the same time they scares me! But I had a lot of fun trying new stuff on this and I think I will do some more minis in the same style, just needs to keep practicing!

Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!

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