Making a Sci-fi base

This post is about making a sci-fi base for your miniature which is simple but yet effective. For this base I use the following parts:

– A gaming base

– Some old parts from a clock

– Some milliput

-Super glue

I started with the part that hold all the gears on place inside the old clock. This one was made out of plastic and had some intresting texture already. I glued it on the gaming base and addes some spare parts from the old clock. At first I was planning in filling the base with lot´s of gears and different levels but during the work I felt like “less is more” and I think it will pay off once it’s painted.

After the junk is glued to the base I filled the side of the base with milliput, not really necessary but I wanted the base to look smoth.. Right now I’m waiting for the milliput to cure and then I’m off to prime the base. The painting progresss will come along in a further post.Sci-fi base 1Sci-fi base2Sci-fi base3Sci-fi base4


And here it is, primed and ready for some paint!20140417_114502

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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