MiniPainting February WIP#1

The days goes by and it’s already February. And with that in mind it was time again for MiniPainting to get together for a night of painting. Again, Me and Lars meet up at his place and after some food, chats and a movie it was time for some serious business! Grab the paints!

Lars was working on his “Puss in boots” from Tale of war and I started to paint Sidir Alchibal from the game Malifaux from Wyrd. I must say that I really like “Puss in boots” that Lars is painting, one of the coolest miniatures I have seen for some time (I must get myself one of these later on).

Lars is focused!Lars is focused

Puss in bootsPuss in boots - Tale of war

Sidir Alchibar for MalifauxSidir Alcibar WIP1 - Malifaux

And then I returned home to my messy workspace… I got to start cleaning that room tonight.Messy workspace

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