Minipainting painting session and some WIP´s

About a week ago me and Lars had a painting session, first at my place and then at Lars new workplace (and it´s wonderful!). The weekend was filled with paints and glue, brushes and Overloards, nice weather and a quick afternoon beer in the sun! All together a very nice weekend. Not much more to say about it other than Lars finished some mini´s for Malifaux, two Canine remains and I did some random work on several mini´s. Now it´s picture time!

Two Canine remains painted by Lars

Canine remains1

WIP picture of my bust from Forged monkey

Imperial guard bust WIP1Imperial guard bust WIP3

Lars painting

Lars painting2Lars painting3Desk1Paints2paints1

Lars workplace

Lars painting4

With one of the Overloards watching every step…


I did some basing and primed some mini´s for Malifaux.

Malifaux crew WIP

This will be all for tonight´s post, some more post coming up in the next day´s showing more Malifaux mini´s and maybe something else…

Keep your brushes pointy and the colors wet! Happy painting to all of you!



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