Splinter & baby TMNT – WIP 1

TMNTSplinterWell…. I guess it’s kinda obvious that I have a rather obsessive ‘needtohavethattmntmodel’ syndrome when it comes to TMNT models? Anyway, as I’ve told you before, I bought a few TMNT models from Fancagne Didier (Kaha Miniatures) and with that also the model of Splinter caring for the baby turtles.

Now was the time to take up the model and begin painting it. Unfortunately I have very few progress pictures, so you’ll have to make due with what I have this time.

I have a plan of building a base for them where he sits on some kind of training floor with a few weapons here and there… it’s all about start training in time… or something alike..

SplinterWIP1 SplinterWIP2


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