Update on ongoing and finished projects

Lately have been a mix of different projects ongoing. I have finished both the Guildball team to a good gaming standard and also Llilith is ready for some competitions in the future. By the way competitions are just the excuse to go somewhere and meet up with great people 🙂

I am also continued to work on my elf from black crow miniatures.

Here are pictures on the guildball team, what I like with the end result is how the darker colors harmonize with the blue and the overall effect is pleasant.

Lilith as mentioned before is ready and is now standing in my shelf’s, waiting to become an excuse to go meet nice people 🙂

and for last a WIP picture of the elf. I am going to write up a step by step part 2 for him soon, also go thru what is been painted compared to my vision. But that is for a later post.


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