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Astorath the Grim WIP2

Here are some better WIP pictures of Astorath the Grim from Games Workshop. It started out as a quick paintjob (just wanted to start and finish something within a few day´s) but with time the project grew bigger and bigger. It is still ment for gaming, but I´m aiming for a slightly better quality of Tabletop […]

Dark angels Librarian

Some day´s ago I recived some of the dark angels miniatuers from the Dark vengence box. My first choice was to paint the Librarian, mainly because I wanted to paint something blue and I had no miniatures that would end up as Ultra marines at hand. My next miniature from the Dark vengence box will […]

Death company

Since I´m starting a flesh tearers army (using codex Blood angels) I´d like to fit some Death company´s in there as well. The first batch of Death company´s are done, it will be a squad of five Death company marines with jump pack´s. Lemartes guardian of the lost will join the squad, just because I […]