Infinity Shasvastii Aswangs

The Infinity Shasvastii Aswangs is my first miniature for Infinity ever! So far I have just begun to paint the skin.

The miniature will be placed on this base, se the Making a Sci-Fi base on how I built that base. The base was painted using rather neutral colors like grey/gren and blue/grey. I then went for TMM (silver and copper) for some parts. To get a worn look I used Rust tracks from MIG to get some sort of rust effect. I added some black to the reddish brown to get a darker brown and some variations. The scratches was painted using the darker brown mix with a sponge. SciFi base done

The lamps was painted using Vallejo Game color Magic blue and white.SciFi base done1For the skin on the Aswangs I started with a Tallarn flesh (GW) with a hint of Khaki (VMC) and then kept adding Khaki with some white. Then I marked the shadows with Rust tracks (MIG) and then some red and green.Aswvangs WIP 1-1And here some green have been added to the head and eyes.Aswvangs WIP2


The project will continue tonight and during next week. I´m hoping to take proper pictures on the finished mini during next weekend.

Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!

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