Welcome to minipainting.se

Hello there fellow painter/wargamer/hobbyist. You might ask to where you have arrived?

Well, let me introduce you to our new bloging project the minipainting.se

This new blog will try to provide you with work reports, articles, news and tutorials, all in the realm of wargaming miniatures. Our focus will mostly cover table top games such as Warhammer, Warhammer 40.000, Malifaux and Warmachine. But surely there will be coverage of other stuff as well, all mini related of course.

Follow us on our desperate painting projects or when we are building something cool. You can also follow us on Twitter @MiniPainting.

Who are we might you think? We are two friends that mostly independent of eachother spend much time painting, we try to meet up a couple of nights a month to become a super geek-duo spending time painting and sharing tips and trix. Now we will collaborate on this blog to share our hobby with the world.

Denniz – “Pro-painter”, picked up the brush in the nineties, never put it down (but a few years went without any “real” painting was done) and we probably have to pry it from his stiff hands… With a couple of painting competition throphies under his belt he can paint almost anything mini related. Denniz do a lot of comission jobs and the guy you go to when you want  commision jobs that stands out. He has painted minis for Blood Bowl, Warhammer, WH40K, Space Hulk, Warmachine, Mansion of Madenss among other things and most recently picked up Malifaux. Usually he post his WIP images and stories on Paints and Stuff

Lars – Used to paint in the late nineties and laid down the brush for some unknown reason but picked it up just a year or so ago. Think’s of himself as a newbie, but steadily becomes better and better at the art of minipainting. Still learning concepts such as glazeing and wet blending he gets his minis ready, the other better than the last one. At the moment he’s struggeling to get his first Blood Angels army of the table, but whom are we kidding, some projects are never ment to be finished… Read more a bout Lars’ life on his blog.

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