So, the year 2014 has started whether you wanted it to start or not. With a new year new project will take place and old ones will hopefully be finished.

So, what will 2014 mean for MiniPainting? I for sure will try to finish off some old project’s and start a few new ones. During this year, and probably the first part of it  Salamanders army for 40k will be done, there is still some miniatures left until it will be called done, but I’m getting there. A part from that I will finish the Brekk bust from Forged monkey, Nokjagerin from Pegaso,  Ruby from Studio McVey and a demon bust (Hellwarrior) from Vertigo. A part from that I have had my eyes on a few other projects but time and inspiration will tell.

This year I will try to return to the Monte San Savino show in Italy, one of the highlights of last year. But before that I will try to attend the 08-open in Stockholm. I guess it’s most for modellers of historical pieces but still, might get some inspiration there. It take place in the beginning of april.

There are also plans on making more regular post over at MiniPainting and with some help of the muse it might happen. I will also try to attend a few paint jams with fellow painters, just the other night me and Lars had some hobby-time with Rogland, truly one of Swedens most talented painter and a really nice guy. We do it agin sometimes soon!

This are some pictures of some of my project’s to finish soon and I will also show you the demon bust that I’m planing to paint. MiniPainting - Synthet - SalamandersMiniPainting - Synthet - A collection of projectsMiniPainting - Synthet - Hellwarrior bust

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