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Arinthuil step by step part 1

I am now starting the work on Arinthuil and the base that he will stand on, there is some new things for me in this project and challenges. The two biggest is the light direction and making of the base to get a realistic looking sand base. I started out by carving/drilling out part of […]

Water tutorial

There are some people that have asked about how I have done the base on my fishermen’s. Here is a short kind step by step on it from the few pictures that I have. I decided to have a base with rocks and water, to create the rocks I have used cork and two layers […]

Vision for Arinthui

My next upcoming painting project is to paint Arinthuil the wild elf from black crow miniatures. I have decided that I should make out a plan of what I want too achieve before I start this project, I am going to visualise it and explain what I want too achieve. (Wanting is not always where […]

Ongoing projects WIP

Long time since i did any updates on this blog, will start to use it more often again. Will start off with some pictures of one of the figures I have finished and also go through some of the current work on my table. At the end I will mention some upcoming work. To start […]