Splinter & baby TMNT – Finished model

Time to close some old posts

It’s Christmas and I have some spare time over. It was time to finish some of the posts I’ve written in the past. One of the projects that’s been ongoing for a great while is my TMNT Splinter and the baby turtles. (See previous post)

Not much to say. The model was pretty much finished when I wrote the last post. It lacked a proper base to place the model on. My friend Fancagne Didier (again from Kaha Miniatures) who made the model send me a small base. I added some more bricks on the side with green stuff and a wall on the back…..

It was a long time since I actually made som modeling with GS. It’s fun but not really my cup of tea. GS gives a little to much soft corners when it dries for my taste. But I’m satisfied with the result anyway.

Here are some progress pics and the final result!! (and I can close this post)

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