No rest for the weary – first update in a good while

Fellow painters and brushlickers! It’s been a good while since there were any updates to the blog, so I thought that I would let you all know that we are still alive and well! It’s the usual, sometimes life takes turns that forces one to prioritize, but let us not dwell on that, let’s get to the good stuff 😛

What have happened since last time? Synthet have been working along on his Malifaux crews and various commission works (I will make him post some updates here soon, I promise). He also partook in a Swedish Malifaux tournament playing his Ortega crew (you can read a battle report here (Swedish)).

I have been a bit lazy, but made some progress on my Malifaux Resurrectionist crew (pictures pending) and recently bought a new Malifaux box, Sonnia Criid. I’ve started preparing the new models and creating bases for them. I went for a type of “sewer/rubble” style bases, let’s see how it will work out.

Malifaux - Witchling Stalker basing WIPMalifaux - Witchling Stalker WIPMalifaux - Witchling Stalker WIP 2

What is happening in the future?

Our ambition is to update the blog much more frequently and we will try to make it all interesting. WIP’s, some stories from the battlefields perhaps and maybe some tips and tricks on building stuff! You can also follow us on Facebook now if you’re into that. There are some happenings in the Swedish Malifaux community that we will try to partake in, tournaments etc.

I want to leave you with these words of wisdom… Don’t forget to please the overlords… They are watching your every move.

Overlord kittens are watching you paint!

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