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Water tutorial

There are some people that have asked about how I have done the base on my fishermen’s. Here is a short kind step by step on it from the few pictures that I have. I decided to have a base with rocks and water, to create the rocks I have used cork and two layers […]

Ongoing projects WIP

Long time since i did any updates on this blog, will start to use it more often again. Will start off with some pictures of one of the figures I have finished and also go through some of the current work on my table. At the end I will mention some upcoming work. To start […]

Splinter & baby TMNT – WIP 1

Well…. I guess it’s kinda obvious that I have a rather obsessive ‘needtohavethattmntmodel’ syndrome when it comes to TMNT models? Anyway, as I’ve told you before, I bought a few TMNT models from Fancagne Didier (Kaha Miniatures) and with that also the model of Splinter caring for the baby turtles. Now was the time to […]