Kromlech Pilot – WIP 2

Just a minor update from the previous post.

Family life takes its toll on the painting time. But I get some minutes here and there.

At the moment I would say that the pilot is finished to a 95% and I’ve only just started painting the base looking at the color scheme.The colors seems to work fine with the pilot. I was a bit afraid of having a green plane with an ork would look strange, but as the pilot is mostly cream colored I think it will be just fine. The plan is painting the the plane with NMM and lots and lots of blending. The idea seems crazy to me at the moment as this is something I want to master but without any real experience in either it’s setting a high goal for my self…. but hey… I will learn tons of it.

KromlechPilot2 (2) KromlechPilot2 (1)That’s all folks for now.

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