Basing project final pictures

This will be the basing project final picutres. It´s a base for a diorama I have had in mind for some time but since I havent got the minis yet I thought it would be intresting to do the base first as a change.A while ago I wrote the first post about the base, find it here. I usually starts with the minis and somewhere around the end of the painting move on to the base and then go back and forth between minis and base.

Since the minis didn´t came I thought that it would be fun to enter only the base in Massive Voodoos Bananalicious painting contest episode 2 in the category “base” and so I did…

First some WIP pic´s! Here I have started to add some tiny leafs on the small tree as well as some colors on the stoneparts.



I used some green foliage for the moss on the stonewall. The bottom of the foliage was then painted using a mix of Black brown (VMC 70.822) and Reflective green (VMC 70.890). For the brown/reddish tone on the wall I used a thin glaze of Red leather (Scale 75). The vegetation was made by using a mix of grass turfs from Mini Natur and some real moss that i had dried. All stuck in place using either Matte varnish (VMC) or superglue.

1 2


Now it was time to add another tree and some leafs as well. The leafs are natural leafs and oregano mixed together and applied with Matte varnish again.



At this stage I also did a sign/plaquete for the base using some ordinary paper.image3

So far so good…well, not for long! Wile I was trying to do some photos of this pice Murphy stopped by. I dropped it! Not so much damage that it could have been but I broke the wall…image2

But, since everything happens for a reason I realized it was a good oportunity to add some more details to the wall. So I added some roots and later on leafs.image1 (2)

Final pic´s of the base.76 2 1 811

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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