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Ongoing projects WIP

Long time since i did any updates on this blog, will start to use it more often again. Will start off with some pictures of one of the figures I have finished and also go through some of the current work on my table. At the end I will mention some upcoming work. To start […]


The awesome people over at MV launched their next Bananalicious painting contest a few day’s ago. Expect there to be a lot of crazy and beautifully painted miniatures over there and the contest runs until 22th April 2015 so there is plenty of time to get some stuff painted! Go help them put and spread the word, […]

The Fang 2014

The Fang 2014 is taking place at the Games Workshop store in Stockholm at the 1st of june . Since I didn’t attend it last year I’m thinking about dropping by this year. And if I should stop by, why not bring a miniature or two! In Stockholm you will be able to see the […]