Fool´s gold, an Iron Painter story

This will be a few words about Fool´s gold, my entry for the first round of Iron Painter 2015 over at the Wyrd forum. The theme for round one was “Fool´s gold” a theme that can mean almost everything! Since I was out of town when the theme was announced I hadn´t got my minis at hand and wasn´t sure what I had or what to do. This keept me puzzled for some days but after a bought myself the Lucius box “Bound bound by Law”.Blogg1

I decided to use one of the lawyers and use the theme Fool´s gold with the meaning of “all is not what it seams and the price you will pay for your goal might be higher then you expected”, maybe not the obvious way of use this theme but I hope it will still work.

I wanted to place the lawyer in an environment that was not the “usual” ground with rocks, stones and grass and decided to place him in a palace with marble tiles and floor. Later on I added a treasurechest. I didn´t liked the way the chest looked so later on I added a “carpet” who partially covered the chest.Blogg2 Blogg3 I filled the top of the colum with milliput and gave it a rather rought surface. I wanted it to look like even if he was in a palace, “behind the curtain something was rotten”. So, primed and ready using the black and white priming techique!Blogg4I knew that I liked the blueish coat the Lawyer had on the boxart and since I was planning to try out some NMM gold it would look nice with the blue coat. I started out with adding some rough texture on the coat, using a midtone blue and some black and white for the textures. The white “dots” was partially a effect of the primer and also done by stippling a light blue before glazing on the midtone. The first layer of blue was painting with a glaze, that way i could see the where to put the shadows as well as the “weathering” on the coat. During this stage i also put on the basic colors of the skin as well as his mask.Blogg5Blogg6 Started to work on the skintone along the coat just to get an ide about the final result. Blogg7 At this point I also began painting the base, I usually do that because I want to have a better idea about the finishing miniature. So on to painting marble!Blogg8

As you can see I started with the colum and was using long strokes and it all was very rough, but that´s ok for now. I continue with the floor in about the same colors, just a little bit more reddish.Blogg9Blogg10

Now, I got the idea in my head and went back to the Lawyer.Blogg12 And the base and Lawyer so far. I still look´s rather rough, but the painting goes on…Blogg13 I tested the composition as well as started to put some colors on the chest.Blogg14 Some more work on both the chest and the floor.Blogg15 The pice is slowly starting to take form.Blogg16 At this point I was thinking about making the chest either rusty or wood, couldn´t decide wich I liked the most…Blogg17So instead I made a “carpet” to partially cover the chest as well as going for an all steel chest.Blogg18 More work was done on the Lawyer, I added some red and also did some work on the book and boots.Fool´s gold WIP1 Some of the last WIP shoots on this one.Fool´s gold WIP2Fool´s gold WIP2.4Fool´s gold WIP2.3Fool´s gold WIP2.2 Before the final pictures was taken I smothed out the top of the column a bit as well as some touch ups on the mini itself. I also added a small plaquette to the socket. And, here is the final pic´s of the Lawyer!   7321 In the end I really enjoyed this pice and I hope that it will pass round one of Iron Painter. If it don´t, no harm done and I just have to try harder on my next mini!

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!



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