The Fang 2014

The Fang 2014 is taking place at the Games Workshop store in Stockholm at the 1st of june . Since I didn’t attend it last year I’m thinking about dropping by this year. And if I should stop by, why not bring a miniature or two! In Stockholm you will be able to see the winning entries from the other nordic Games Workshop stores so I guess you will be able to see some really top notch miniatures!IMG_611344441727515IMG_611427544496479
So far I have my mind set on two of the categories, single fantasy and single 40k. Aenur in single fantasy (I will just do some more work on him now since 08-open is over) and a Ltd Chaplin from the DV box for single 40k. It would have been fun to paint a squad or regiment as well, but I have to be realistic. And my goal is to be done with the chaplain in time…and hopefully I will succed!

Can I finish this in time?20140403_221401

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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