08-Open model expo 2014 is over.

08-Open model expo 2014 in Stockholm is over for this year and it have been a lot of fun! I’ll try to write a few words about it.

This was my first time visiting the 08-Open which is held annually in Stockholm by IPMS Stockholm. The event took place at Skytteholmsskolan in Solna and was within walking distance from the subway. There where two rooms for the exhibitions and a large room for retailers (I think my economy just committed suicide in that room…).

I entered two pieces for the competition, Aenur in the category “Figurer” (models/figurines) and Brekk in “Från sagans värld” (from farytales, movies etc.). And Lars entered Puss in boots in the same category as Brekk. For me it went very, very well as Brekk won his category!

We saw lot’s of beautifully painted miniatures and dioramas and even manage to attend one of Mig Jiménez weathering seminars on sunday (more about that later). And it would simply be to much to tell you about all of them so I’ll get straight to the pictures!

08-Open model expo 2014 Gallery

Until next time, keep your brushes pointy, your colors wet and your creativity alive!

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