Project Pandora – prepping the models from the “No Shelter Here” Malifaux crew box

I recently picked up the “No Shelter Here” Malifaux crew box featuring Pandora, Baby Kade, Candy, a Poltergeist and three Sorrows. The quality of the cast was outstanding. This being my first plastic kit from Wyrd that I lay my hands on, I’m impressed. I have painted some metal crew boxes from the 1st edition Malifaux and I can say that the quality of the models is anything than disappointing. Not that there were anything wrong with the white metal models Wyrd used to produce… I must be honest, I have not read the M2E rules or even played a M2E game. I’m also not sure about the stats and strategies of these models, I chose them only by the box art, which is awesome.

No Shelter Here

I thought I would make a WIP series and post the progress of prepping, basing and painting this crew. I already begun cutting them of their sprue and cleaning them from mold lines, the models being plastic, this job is quite easy.

Box content

As you can see I already removed both Pandora and (most of) the Poltergeist from the sprue. Candy, Baby Kade and the Sorrows (…sounds like a band name…) are still attached to sprue.


Here is a closeup of Pandora, not yet assembled. Although the image is a bit blurry (sorry) you can see the scale and the details.


Another closeup, this one of Baby Kade, this one is really, really tiny! It will be a challange for me to paint.

Baby Kade

And last but not least, A BONUS PIC (for all you fan-girls out there)!

For some reason Denniz never posts pictures of him self so I’ll go ahead and remedy that. This picture was take last weekend during our painting session… As you can see he is really concentrated 🙂

Denniz painting in full concentration

Denniz painting in full concentration

Tomorrow I will try to get to the local hobby store and stock up on some stuff so that I can get started on the bases for this crew, I was thinking of going with some kind of graveyard theme. Let’s see how that turns out in a future post.

Until next time, keep it safe!

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