Figure painter magazine review

Just a few words about the latest issue (11) of Figure painter magazine. First of all the FPM is a high quality digital magazine about miniature painting, modelling and new stuff on the market. The price is £1 per issue and for that small amount of money you got a magazine for download that contains 96 pages! I have got most number of the FPM and I really think it’s well spent money!Figure painter magazine

So, what do you find in issue 11? Here are some of the things in issue 11.

Unboxing – Jack the Plucker from Sergeant Blackhart. Such a cool miniature and I am really dissapointed about not been able to get my hands on that one before it sold out. But who knows…maybe I’ll find it one day?

Tutorials – part three of the de-mystifying the airbrush as long as a sculpting tutorial with Paolo Fabiani.

Gallery – Lot’s of inspirational photos.

Interwies – With Fernando Ruiz Ceano

This is just some of the things you’ll find in this issue. So if you think that you have £1 to spend…give it a shot! For that money you get a high quality magazine with lot’s of inspiration.

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet.


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