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The awesome people over at MV launched their next Bananalicious painting contest a few day’s ago. Expect there to be a lot of crazy and beautifully painted miniatures over there and the contest runs until 22th April 2015 so there is plenty of time to get some stuff painted! Go help them put and spread the word, […]

Malifaux Hired swords

A Malifaux Hired swords mini was under the brush last night when MiniPainting got together for a night’s painting session. This miniature was started and finished during one evening of painting (somewhere around 5-6 hours). I’m actually rather pleased how this miniature came together in the end. I’m not use to paint using so bright […]

WIP Steampunk Jen Haley

It´s about time I post something on this blog. Writing blogpost or taking pictures haven´t had any priority for some weeks, hopefully thing´s will change. I have been painting on some different project´s but having a hard time actually finish something. To start a new mini is easy, to finish it…there´s the challange! Anyway, this […]