WIP Steampunk Jen Haley

It´s about time I post something on this blog. Writing blogpost or taking pictures haven´t had any priority for some weeks, hopefully thing´s will change. I have been painting on some different project´s but having a hard time actually finish something. To start a new mini is easy, to finish it…there´s the challange! Anyway, this will be a mini that I will/must finish. I have had it for quite some time and alway´s wanted to paint it, but since I have struggle to decide what kind of base I would do, it was untuched for a long time. Finally I decidet that I would use the original base that comes along with the mini. I just added some more junk to the base and it looked rather good.

This is a WIP on that mini, and hopefully some pic´s on the final mini will come in just a few day´s…


And another mini I started to paint a while ago, it´s a Sniper from MaxMini.


Untill nex time, keep your brushes pointi and your colors wet!

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