Chaos Renegede Militia command squad

This is some Chaos Renegede Militia command squad from Forge World that I got my hand´s on over six months ago. I figure that it was time for them to get some paint so I started. sometimes I just need´s to do one of this thing´s to get some pice of mind…

My first intention was to get all armourplates dirty and rusty, but then my eye´s fell on a old paintbottle from GW, the Hawk turqouise, now I´m not sure  what to do. At first I wanted to do some foul Nurgle followers but the turqouise color was such a joy to look at so I really don´t know anymore. If you have any idea about the rusty metal or the turqouise armour, drop me a line.

Now it´s time to get to the pictures!

The first Chaos renegedes first WIP and some primed bases.

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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