Project Pandora – progress report

I just wanted to share a short progress report on this WIP, the Pandora box for Malifaux. Of course, as always, I haven’t been able to spend nearly as much time on the project as I had hoped for. But that is how life goes. And we should not mention all other stupid ideas that occupy my mind…

And then there was 08-Open which kept me busy for a weekend! If you want to see the contributions in the competition they posted images of them here. Also Denniz wrote a post about it earlier.

Anyway, back on track, I’ve finished the base for my Poltergeist, but I will need to make some modifications to the model it self in order to fit it the way I want. I have no clue if it is going to work out well or not, worst case scenario I will have to scrap the model… The only thing left to do on the base to paint it and the retouch it, apply some static grass or similar.

50 mm base for Poltergeist

Malifaux Poltergeist model


I made some modifications to the Poltergeist. I have to sand, file and polish it in order to get it fit well with the rest of the model though, but it turned out much better than I thought.


Poltergeist modification with milliput

I’ve also finished assembling Pandora her self, and the base for her is going to be quite simple. I made the tombstones for Pandora’s base using green stuff. I don’t really know how they are going to turn out though.

Green stuff tombstones


I think this could work actually!

Pandora with base

Most of the other models have yet to be cut from their sprue, I started with one of the sorrows, thats about it. But I will keep you up to date regarding the progress!

Until next, keep it safe and avoid getting into trouble!

And remember, when in doubt, use superglue!

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