Outpost 142

This will be my first post in a series of post about a project I have decided to name “Outpost 142”. Why? Well, the name just got stuck on me as I sat down and started to work on this piece. Actually i was thinking about Outpost 42 and started doing the sign with the number “42”, but then I googled it and found that it was the name of a Star wars group so I added the number “1”. In the last pictures the number “1” is still missing but it will show up later ;). I wanted to do something that would take place in the heat of the battle but not with a lot of miniatures, so an ruined outpost fitted my purpose.

At first I will show you some of my WIP pictures building the base and at the moment I have started to place some colors on the base, but that´s pretty much all that have been done so far. Still, I got a good feeling about this project so I hope that it will be done in just a few weeks. Stay tuned to find out!

Here is the base, primed and ready!20140412_142514

And roughly building up the different colors.Bas målning wip1 Bas målning wip2As you can see in these pictures some colors have been placed very rough so I could get a feeling for what to do next.I actually did all painting using nothing but my worst brushes for this, just to get that worn effect.

That´s all for now, but expect some more in a few days.

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet.


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