Monte San Savino Miniature show 2014 review

Monte San Savino Miniature show 2014 is over, and two of us went to Italy where we met Stefan (Skelettet S) on Friday. Me and Lars arrived at Thursday night at the apartment we had rented in town this year. Was a great location and will for sure try to book it again.

The town Monte San Savino is a lovely small town with a lot of beautiful buildings and small alleys and they have one of the friendliest café in the world, the Monte San Savino Café! To bad I´m not alone to like the place which made it very crowded.MSS3 MSS1 MSSS2Lars posing in Monte!

In Monte no one can hear you scream!MSS4

At Friday the exhibition opened and we entered our miniatures, the standard this year was extremely high! So many beautifully painted miniatures and awesome sculpts. All this in one place made it hard to separate all pieces and small brakes were needed before moving on to the next category or room.

Lars and Stefan at the Monte San Savino Café. MSS32

At night there was the welcoming ritual with the legendary mead… I guess Lars the person to talk about that (there has to be one every year, Lars!).MSS29 MSS28MSS30MSS31


Saturday started a bit slow, but Stefan handed in his miniatures and then it was time for breakfast before taking a closer look at the miniatures. Here are some pic’s of some of the miniatures.

This will be a very long post so I’ll stop here and write part two tomorrow!

Until next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!


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