Monte San Savino Miniature Show 2014 review 2

It’s time for part two of the Monte San Savino miniature Show 2014 review. this post will be more about just pictures and then some closing words so let’s get started!

Saturday is the last day to entering your miniatures which also means that the place is crowded with miniatures and storage boxes, and people. All that people trying to hand in there minis and having a look or chat with others. Still it seams like it worked very good for all and I haven’t heard about a single case when something went wrong during registration.

At the evening there where two painters dinners and we went for the one over at Il Caserro since we was there last year and the whole place was nice and friendly. This year was OK, but it took some time between the dishes but since there was a lot of people i guess that´s understandable.

Before the dinner outside of the museum where MSS took place. MSS46And now on to the miniatures! some of the miniatures may have appeared in the last post, but since the overall standard was so high, they are worth having another look at!


And at last a pic after the closing ceremony which was mainly held in Italian (I really need to learn to speak Italian!)

MSS86This will pretty much summarize my experience of Monte and if you’re lucky maybe Lars will write a word or two! To me Monte has always been about inspiration and meeting new and old friends, and so was the case this year. It’s really the atmosphere and people who makes Monte “Monte” and this year was no exception. So thank you Monte and I will see you next year!

Until next time, keep your colors wet and brushes pointy!



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