Speed painting challange

A little while ago I took part in a speed painting challange over at Twitter, it was a lot of fun and the rules where simple. To bad it was only four people attended this particular challange, still I had a lot of fun. Everyone was painting the same miniature and where olnly allowed to use a limited pallete of your choise. The clock was set on 5h (!) and in that time you should paint the minaure and build a base for it. The miniature was the lovely Mystic worrior Jen from Hasslefree miniatures.

The Mystic Worrior Jen is really a tiny miniature and look´s like a Jedi girl, and with that in mind I began to develop a plan for mine. A while ago my daughter wanted me to do a miniature that would represent her, and wich dad can refuse his daughters request?

My plan was to place her on bas that wasn´t my regular kind of bases (dark, gritty once) and while I was still going to use some cork as stone I decided to go for some green gras and flowers so brighten the piece.

Let´s start the clock! These where my colors of choice and the base I built. Building the base and cleaning the miniature took 30min (not sure if the cleaning part was part of the time, but rather safe then sorry!).


After another 30min I had primed the miniature and base as well as put on the base colors for Jen.SPC2

After a total of 2 hours this was my result. 3 hours left and the base was still only primed… SPC4 The base is pretty much done and there was about 1 hour and 20 minutes left, close one! SPC6 I went back to Jen and did the rough highligts, wich didn´t took that long considerate the miniature is so small. When this photo was taken I had about 20 minutes left before my 5 hours was gone. At that time, I felt that I was pleased with the result considerate the deadline. But I would do the final touch ups, just not right now. These touch up´s came a few night´s later and was adding some green and brown tones on the ground, making the ground a bit warmer.




And here is the final pictures with the ground got some warmer tones and the hair got a quick glaze of brown for some shadows. I´m actually rather surprise how much I could do with these colors, it was a fun challange and I will for sure take part again if I´m able to do so! Mystic Jen


Thank´s to all the people who took part in the challange and supported me with encouraging words doing my painting challange.

Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!

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