Small Grot Diorama

While planing a bigger diarama with a lot of grots/gretchins (whatever they now are called) I wanted to try out a few things before starting with the real deal. Sp in order to get the result I have imagined I will try out some color combinations, techniques etc so I can get to where I want to go. The models comes from the Runtherd box from where the grot has a new gun and the squig is cut out of the herder with some GS hair on its back.

It took about 4h from start to finish.

Nothing much more to say but I like the humor I find in the wh40k orkish tribes/clans. So this one I call ‘Survival of the fittest’…. and for you who knows anything about those small poor creatures…. I think you know how this will end… point blank or not.


Survival of the fittest

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