Monte San Savino Show 2013 part 1

Monte San Savino Show 2013 is over, and have left me with a big hole to fill with something. Maybe I fill it with some painted minis…

Me and Lars at the trainstation in Rome.

Bild 550


This was the first time I visited Monte San Savino Show and I really had no idea what I was going to expect when I arrived. But let´s start from the begining.


Me and my good friend Lars got the idea a few month´s ago about going to Italy and Monte. So we bought ourself some planetickets, got a place to stay and went! At first let me say, Italy is wonderful! The people, the nature and the food is great and the coffe is superb! So far all my expectation has been fulfilled.


We arrived at Monte San Savino on Thursday before the show and after a good night´s sleep (and a bottle of wine) we got up early and walked to Monte San Savino. This is a picture of Monte San Savino taken outside our “apartment” at 7.30 in the morning.

The Street´s of Monte San Savino.


The Monte San Savino show was held at a museum and was in three floors! The registration started at friday and continued on saturday, It was amazing to see all the beautifully painted miniatures and the atmosphere all togheter! Sadly I took almost every picture with my cellphone so they are not high quality pic´s, but they will give you an idea about the level of painting. I heard that it was about 1000 entries pre registrated and more to come so the place was filled with miniatures! I will show some of the photo´s now and the rest later.













More to come!

Keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!


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