Inspirational pictures from MSSS2013 and some WIP’s

I will start to show you some WIP shoots of some of the stuff on my desk. First up is Cowtez which I bought when me and Lars visited the MSSS2013 a few week’s ago (thinking about it still give’s me joy in both body and soul). Cowtez WIP1

Next WIP pic is Ruby from Studio McVey, a piece I have had in one of my boxes for some time but a while ago I started to paint her. I really hope that I will finish her someday…

Ruby WIP1.1


And at last some inspirational pic’s from MSSS2013!

Bild 507 Bild 513 Bild 465 Bild 469

Untill next time, keppe your paints wet and your brushe┬┤s pointy!

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