Orks – The bigger diorama

As I might have written earlier, I have a thing for Orks…. ok ok… I said I was going to go for other manufacturers then GW but in the end orks and the fluff around it makes my heart go a little bit faster… as it’s red… (phun intended) Sp for some months now I have planed to make a diorama where several gretchins have assaulted an ork guard to free a captured grot and at the same time loot the ork.

This will be the biggest project I’ve tried so far and will incorporate several things don’t feel very comfortable or safe doing, like basing, modeling/bit-building and painting techniques from the workshop we went on a few weeks ago…. but then again this is the way to improve so I have given it a go (with some side projects like the Gokan competition on CMON).

During the years I’ve collected quite a few of the gretchin models as well as bought some new for this project. I tried several different ideas and placements for the models before I actually find out what I wanted to do. But after a while, the ideas fell in place and the diorama will contain of two different happenings, the rescue and the looting.

The result of the placing of the models and scratch building a base looked something like this.

GrotDioramaBasicIdeaThen I could do nothing else but start building, cutting, gluing and painting. Even though I have not come that far, I’ve learned tons of new stuff.

GrotDioramaBase2GrotDioramaHerder1GrotDioramaDeadOrk1GrotDioramaLootWagon1GrotDioramaLootWagon2To be continued…..

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