Toad king or Every king needs a castle!

A little while ago I decided to start on my Toad King from Aradia miniatures sculpted by Allan Carrasco that I picked up in Monte this year. I wasn´t to excited over his sword (or at least not for what i have in mind for him) so I replaced the sword and gave him a staff instead. It needed some sculpting work to get the hand in place since I wanted him to hold the staff in a slightly different angel. Somehow, with my lack of experience in sculpting I think it works.

Toad king primed.TK primed

The Toad king will be placed in “our world”, just with a post apocalyptic tuch! So instead of placing him in a fantasy world, I built a ruined house and some rubble on the ground. I picturing me the Toad king like some mutant that is slightly bigger then a regular man, but not a huge giant. So maybe the size of 1,5 man would work. With than in mind I started on the ruined house. the brickwall was made using 1/35 scale bricks from Juweela, you can find them here! and for the frame of the door I used wooden coffe sticks. The stones was made using milliput. I based the ground with common earth and placed a few clumps of grass from Mini-Natur before priming the base with black and white.

Building the base.TK base building

After the basic colors have ben placed on the base.TK base WIP


I will have this a an on- and off project for some time since I feel no rush to be done with it. Stay tuned for more!

Untill nex time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!


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