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Hi all,

I am the latest addition to, I have been painting miniatures from 2010 and enjoying it immensely. I Have mostly been active on coolminiornot before as Kretcher, My real name is John. I am very happy to have this chance to join the people here at as it will help me to improve my skills with other equally crazy people that also have a wish to improve.

I believe this will be a new boost for my figures and the techniques that I use, since my fellow painters will push me to try new things (already happening on Gokan that I am painting at the moment.)

To present myself I will give links to some off my older stuff (they are really not good) that will show how far I have goon so far in my painting. a marine with battle damage. (Not beautiful ) a little bit later still not good but better (photo still is bad). and finally a new picture where I am now and hopefully I will improve more from now on.

I will post some of my new work here and also try to fit some of the things I learn into the text, both from failures and success. Hopefully there can be some things that will be interesting for people to watch.

Below is my ongoing project which is Gokan, painting it for a friendly competition on

Gokan 3


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