Robart Paint shaker – a short review

Oh god… again…

the posts are not writing them self… but maybe should??? Over a year, but I assure you that none of as has been idle even though we have not really been buzzy on social media… I hope it’s about to change.


I turned 40 this summer and decided to sell my Vallejo game colour paints (not very happy with them) and move along to Scale 75. Anyone having any experience with those paints know that they can be thick as dye and shaking them for real takes ages as well as tire your hand and arm.

So…. as an old old man… with not much time on my hands, as well as being lazy as **** I searched the net for something that could help me shake and mix my new paints. I thought of different solutions and found out that pepople modified both drills and other electrical tools to do the job. I also found super expensive chemical/laboratory shakers/mixers and swirlers….

Finally I stumbled over Robart Paint shaker and watched a few clips from YouTube and found it pretty much what I was looking for….. except for the price.

Well… I had the laziness… the urge… and a little money stashed away and bought it… and was not unhappy with the product.

The super short review

The device is quite small and have a heavy bottom that let the box be still during the mixing. It’s quite loud while shaking, but that’s expected for such device. It’s very easy to use. You only fix the bottle on the shaker’s arm, fix the rubber band around it and press the button on the device. The description says it has 5000rmp (shakes a minute) and together with a mixing ball put into the bottle it totally mixes the bottle in 15 sec or less.

Apparently it can be bought as battery- or AC-powered. But I can’t imagine it to be so power thirsty so that’s needed.

Where can I find it?

Can be found here at Robarts website : Robart Shaker

I found it here in Sweden : Hobby Equipments
But can for certainly be bought at Ebay : Ebay Robart searches

It is as I wrote not the cheapest tool I’ve ever bought. So is it worth the money? For me, totally…. but my friends laugh at me (but I’m super they are super envious)

I’m an old lazy fart…. #scale75 #robartpaintshaker

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