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I never…

… and I mean never ever have I signed up for Internet competitions (eg. write your email address here and we … jadda jadda), but when Kromlech presented its October competition on their Facebook-page I decided to sign up. This time the winning was their two latest figures (it was the pilot I wanted), two posters and a 20% voucher.

But I won…. wow, I won… and a week later I had it in my post box.  At the same time decided to use the voucher to buy their complete crew of Gretchin pirates (The Rotting Octopus Crew). So on the list of unpainted and painted models I have gotten all the three Orc pilots (one of the has his own post), lots of Klanks, the WW2 brown coat Orcs, the sovjet army gretchins and now also the pirates.

The Models.

Since the first time I saw any models from Kromlech, I fell in love with the Orcs and Gretchins. Orcs from GW has always had a lot more expressions and humor then the rest of the grim universe (both SciFi and Fantasy)… and Kromlech takes that a bit further with the humor. I wouldn’t say that there are alot or realism, but hey… it’s fantasy.

If I had to… not complain directly, it is on the size of the gretchins. My personal view of gretchins, are that they are a LOT smaller than orcs, and the models are maybe a little bit big in my eyes…. But still, the differences between orcs and gretchins from kromlech still makes it clear what is what.


The quality of the miniatures are as usual very good with only minor things to complain on, like a bubble of resin here and there. I must say that the quality has been the same in every batch of miniatures I have bought from them. The resin is a little bit brittle, but not slick and very easy to base coat and bring to life when painted. It also let all the details be


There are to many models to take closeup pictures, but here I will show you a few of the models. Sorry about not finished the sovjet ones before posting…. One day maybe they’ll have a post of their own.

KromlechMiscModels(2)KromlechMiscModels(1) KromlechMiscModels(3)

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