Painting workshop with Francesco Farabi

The first weekend of july I had the pleasure to have the much talented Francesco Farabi as a guest for a few days and at the same time let him held a small painting workshop. If you are not fimiliar with his work, go check him out over at Putty&Paint! Francesco brought a few of his pieces with him, so sorry about the picture but they where absolutely brilliant!Francescos minis

For the workshop we were going to paint on the lovely miniature Arinthuil Wild elf from Black crow miniatures. The miniature are casted in high quality resin and is a 75mm so there was lot´s of fine details but also a lot of space for practising.

Day 1

We started on the afternoon with setting up our workspace and Francesco talked to us about theory, colors and the WWH (Who, Why and What) while we slowly started to paint the skintone on the Wild elf miniature.

Painting workshop1

We should start by scetching light and shadows and then start the wetblending. Day1- Denniz1Day1- Denniz11

I can say that at the end of the first day I had experience all different kind of emotion from frustration that nothing would work to “Oh! I got this!”. It was really hard but at the same time it was all logical so all that takes is practise.

Day 2

The second day started with some coffe and during that time Francesco continued to talk about theory and how the colors interacted with each other and contrast.

Painting workshop2

The next step was to move on from the skin and start to paint the cloth, so even if the skin wasn´t done I gave it a go with the cloth.Day2-Denniz1

At the end of the second day not only had we had a great time, we also had a great meal that Francesco prepared for us. Not only a superb painter, but a superb chef also!

Moving on with the cloth!Day2-Denniz4 Day3-Denniz4

The last thing for this evening was to start thinking about the freehands we sould do tomorrow. The design would be painted on a shild Francesco gave us all some homework to come up with the design and a fitting story behind it as well.

Day 3

The third day started with some talking and continue on painting the cloth on the miniature before the next big step, freehands! To be honest, this was one of the things I have been looking forward the most and at the same time it was something that really scares me. But we was told that it will be all right so with a deep breath we started on the freehands. Each one of us had been given a shild made from plastic card to use for practise and so we had to limit the design to fit that area.

Fransesco showing us how to approach the design.Fransesco painting Martin did an awsome start on his shield!     Martin shieldI went for a nightsky design for my shield and here are some WIPs.shield1shield2Shield -last

And some progress on the miniatures!Minis minis2 The WIP shoot of the shieldsShields In the end everyone started on there shild but no one had the time to finish them, but it will come!

We had the time to give Fransesco a swedish meal before we had to split up during the last day, so Raggmunk it was! Raggmunk And of course, the happy bunch of painters who all ha a great weekend together!

Painting workshop group

So if I would summarize this days I must say that it was very interesting, and I learned a lot from Francesco and his way of painting. There where times when everything was really hard but in the end it worked out. Would I recommend anyone to try to get the chance to take class with Francesco? Of course! He is not only a great painter but also a really nice guy who really makes everyone comfortable and pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!


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