Steampunk Arielle

Steampunk Arielle from Guild of harmony is one of my recently finished miniatures. The hardest thing for me while painting this miniature was to step away from my usual choice of dark, muted colors and try to do semthing more “bright”. In the end it was a fun project where I got the oprtunity to work with a lot of different things like NMM, skintones and brighter colros of curse!

The water was made using Vallejo water effect gel, and it turned out in a different way from my idea, but in the end i think it works. Now on to some pictures!

Steampunk Arielle6Steampunk Arielle2Steampunk Arielle1Steampunk Arielle3I also tried out a “black” backdrop for some pictures. Why don´t you leave a comment and let me know which backdrop works best?

Steampunk Arielle black5Steampunk Arielle black4Steampunk Arielle black1Steampunk Arielle black3Untill next time keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!


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