Sidir Alchibal for Malifaux

I added some pigments to the base and robe to get a bit more “dirty” look. I also added some green to the base (groud and gate) and some leaves. to get some bright colors in. On the scabbard I tried to do two persian symbols, the top “sun” thing stands for strenght and the bottom stands for snake. A strong, swift sword. It was a very hardf place to tri to do a freehand, since its (1), very small and (2), not flat! Still it´s good practice and I will learn more and more for every time I trie to do something that scares me, and freehands do!

Here is the picture of Sidir Alchibal!

Sidir Alchibal

Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!

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