Making a fantasy base

I was asked to do a quick basing tutorial and since I would do a fantasy base for a miniature I snapped some pictures while I was working. The base had already been started when I started to take photos. I had taken a few pieces of cork and glued the togheter to get some hight on the base and then I used a pillar wich I got from a hobbyshop for modeltrains. On the pillar I took some filler (for indoor use) and place it to the pillar using a wooden spatel, I then took a hard brush and staple the surface to get some texture. I then glued a plastic gargoyle (from the old GW Mordheim box) to the top of the pillar. I also stuck a small skull and some rots to the base (as well as one arrow, wich I later removed).


Next step was to cover the surface with some milliput (to get a surface wich isn´t even to work with).Basing2

After this had dried I wasnt satisfied with the result wich lead me to some rearange the base… The rots were removed and the skull was placed next to the pillar instead as well as a bone and a tomebstone. Some hardned pieces of milliput was cut to smaller pieces to represent stone. It all was glued to the base using superglue.Basing3Next I tried to place the miniature on the base to see how it would look…Basing4

Next step was to take some more rots and some common earth and glue that to the base using superglue. I cover the area that would be ground with superglue and then sprinkle common earth over the surface.Basing5


Next step will be to prime the base using black and wihte colors. After the base is painted I will add some grass and small bushes.

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!


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