Aenur the Sword of Twilight

Aenur the Sword of Twilight is a miniature from Games Workshop that I have had in my bitbox for ages (pretty much since the Mordheim day┬┤s) but I never did any painting on him. Now was the time to change that. A few weeks ago I did a post about making a fantasy base, and since then I have had a hard time deciding wich mini to put on that base, I think I have started on 4-5 minis before I decided on Aenur. It might not be the “perfect” mini for that base, but I like the mini and I like the base, I even like them together so it will do.

The mini is about 90% done, I just need to do some minor things on the base and on Aenur. Then of course, decide about Aenurs cape…keep it clean or add something more?Aenur1

Untill next time, keep your brushes pointy and your colors wet!

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