SMOG Riders review

A small Review about Amelia Steam from Scale 75, it´s part of there SMOG Riders serie who is about “Level up”. the miniaturess (as far as I know it) are designed to use for practise on and for that purpose they look great. At first I wasn´t all convinced about the “bubble head” apperance, but as soon as I got one in my hand I changed my mind!

The mini comes in a small box with a “booklet” about how to paint it as well as a zipbag with all pieces. The miniature is casted in resin and as far as i can tell it´s high quality resin.BoxartI won´t show a picture about the booklet for copyright reasons but it consist of six parts with three pictures of every part as well as some written words descriping the paints used.

All piecesPieces SMOGThere is some mouldlines as well as some tiny airbubbles on the cast, nothing less then expected. But there was a miscast on her left foot, so there is a tiny hole at the front. There was also a tiny airbubble on her right eye, not a big deal but I must remember to fix it before painting. HeadLegHead backBodyBody sideSo all in all, what´s my first impression? Well, besides the small airbubbles and the foot, I´m pleased, you will always need some cleanup so the mouldlines don´t bother me and it will sure be a fun piece to paint. I just needs to figure out how to display her. Right now, I´m thinking about getting a few more in the same serie, but I will paint her first and see if I like her as much after some paint as I do right now.

Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!

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