It’s battle time and this time it’s Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo versus Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo..(But not like this Epic Rap Battle of History).

As a TMNT fan (for ages really, before it became kids friendly without the blood and gore that vanished in the later versions) I just had to buy those two sets as they where released.

First we have the set from Fancagne Didier (called set 1) and second from Maxime Corbeil (called set 2).

Round 1. – Boxing.
Set 1 takes the lead with a round metal lidded can that’s shiny and golden with a sticker telling the buyer that you need to be careful as it’s full of toxic ooze. Set 2 is covered with lovely box art where there can be NO mistake of what’s inside. If there’s something here in round 1 that would take the lead here inte this round it’s the metal can where the small figures are protected while shipping or other handling.TMNTboxesRound 2. – Package
Nothing much to say here. Very equally packaged with small plastic bags containing each model.

Round 3. – Molding
Both sets are made in resin. The quality seems the same though I have not tried to bend of pull in the parts… (Whaaat?? Are you crazy? It would probably damage them! :P). There are however some difference in the molding where set 2 has a few places of resin residue that is very easy to remove.

Non of the sets has much mold lines to talk about.

Round 4 – Details
The details of set 2 is somewhat better and to be honest a lot more of them. It’s not that set 1 lacks details, but the figures are a bit smaller and has a cleaner look than set 2.

Round 5 – Posing.
In this round set 2 takes down set 1. By the same reason as in round 4 the models in set 2 is somewhat bigger and therefore (I guess) can be modeled a bit more dynamic (But again who am I to know… I’m no modeller). But if I look at it I would say the figures from set 1 can be posed together in a diorama easier than set 2 where they would probably look beter one and one.

TMNTSet1TMNTSet2Set 1 is the upper image and set 2 the lower.

Round 6 – Extras
RatCatcherIn set 1 the box contains a base with the look of an old stone pavement and also a rat catcher from the first volume of TMNT. It could also be interesting to know that Fancagne is working on more figures from the series with the idea of making a few more this year (I could be wrong but I seem to remember something about one a month).

So who’s the winner?
I would say it’s a tie. It all depends on what you are after. I like the clean look Fancagne has with his set with a lot of references from the original comics where the bros are little smaller and not so big and bulky (and NOT like the last movie). But also at the same time I like the a bit more dynamic look from Maximes turtles.

And as a bonus I will give you a picture of something else from Fancagne…. A Splinter with small baby turtles.TMNTSplinter

For now… take care and keep painting.

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