Fight like a girl – Hell yeah!

All good things must come to an end so does Fight like a girl, but with the addition of Hell yeah!

Alyx has always been a troubled child and after her recent fight in school she was sent to a mental institution for anger management. She didn´t like the place. All those doctors who told her what to do and not to do.” You cant fight, you are a girl” they said. they shouldn´t have…now Alyx was really angry! Angry on the doctors, the school and pretty much everone who was trying to control her “just because she was a girl”. Long story short…she brake free from the doctors and is now wandering the mental institution to settle the score with the people who have treated her badly…

I had a blast painting Alyx from Hasslefree miniatures and got the inspiration to the “story” after I had listen to a song by Emilie Autumn called Fight like a girl.

I´ll stop talking now and insted show you some pictures of the finsihed project.12564

If you like it you can always go and drop a vote on her over at Putty & Paint or over at CMON.

WIP pictures about this project can be found here,

Fight like a girl – comic style WIP 1

Fight like a girl – comic style WIP 2

Fight like a girl – comic style WIP 3

Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your brushes pointy!!

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