Fight like a girl – comic style WIP 3

This will be my third update on Fight like a girl – comic style. So what´s new you might ask?

Well, a lot actually! I have continued to paint on Alyx and  kind of moved away from the base itself. I have noticed that I do that quite often, focus on either the mini or the base and then compleatly not caring about the other part. When both the mini and the abse have reached a sertain level of compleation I usually glue the mini to the base and do the rest of the work.

One of the reasons are that i want to have the “real thing” before my eye when I adjust some lights or shadows. the second reason is that i want to know if the scene and colors really works for me. Third, I´m easily distracted and want´s to se the “end of the tunnel” on pretty much every project.

If you have missed the first two post or forgot about the colors, here are the colors used on this project.colors And wich project would be complete without the palletpic!



As you can see I have moed on from the skirt and started on her shirt as well as put some basic colors on her hair, jacket and skin. I noticed that some of the shadow of her shirt are to strong and I´ll have to repaint those later.13 Trying out some text ballons for the scen, not really sure about the composition yet, but It will probably come together in the end. The sign have just got the lettering with an ordinary marker and I´ll paint those on some different signs later.10This is the latest picture I took on her before I glued her on the base (aka the moment of terror! Will it really work out?). Here there are some things left to do, as smoothing out the colors and go over some areas again and maybe add a hinglight/shadow or two. But I still have hope that I will be pleased with the end result.11


If you have missed the other post´s you will find them here!

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Untill next time, keep your colors wet and your bruhes pointy!

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